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Mit rund 120 Beschäftigten ist die WEISSKOPF Werkzeuge GmbH am MAPAL Standort Meiningen ein wichtiger Arbeitgeber der Region geworden. Davon stehen zehn junge Menschen in einem Ausbildungsverhältnis.

Die WEISSKOPF Werkzeuge GmbH zeichnet sich durch kontinuierliche Weiterbildungs- und Entwicklungsperspektiven sowie durch vielfältige Einstiegs- und Kontaktmöglichkeiten aus.

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Employee Benefits in Meiningen

Enjoying a good work-life balance, having an attractive working environment and
participating in forward-looking training opportunities – we share your view of modern working.
We offer our employees the following benefits.

Company physician

We regularly carry out occupational health examinations at the workplaces. In this way, we want to determine and maintain physical suitability for certain activities and identify any possible impairments as early as possible. Because your safety comes first at all times.

Of course, our employees can also contact the company medical service outside of these examinations if they don’t feel well.

Barrier-free workplace
We are actively committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees.
Especially during the induction phase, mentors are on hand to offer you support and advice on a wide range of topics.
Mobile working
We make room for flexibility. That is why our employees also have the option of working on the go if required.
Events for employees

Our company has grown as a family business – and we feel just like a big family. That’s why we also want to celebrate together. Depending on the site, there are summer festivals, for example, or even our annual Christmas market. Our MAPAL Football World Cup or European Championship takes place every two years, bringing together colleagues from various sites across Germany and abroad.

Some events are only for employees, others are open to relatives and visitors. 
We are one MAPAL and recognise the achievements of our employees: That is why we honour long-serving colleagues once a year during a special celebration and also like to invite our retirees.

Good transport links
Our sites are conveniently situated and easy to reach by bus, train or car.
Health measures

We encourage our employees to be healthy. Specialists from the occupational health service advise and support our employees in order to prevent and treat illnesses. They also offer various preventive examinations.

We’re also happy to support sporting activities employees take up outside the workplace. For example, we pay part of the entry fees for various swimming, running and cycling competitions or provide you with team clothing.

On top of this, our employees can attend seminars and workshops on the topics of ergonomics at the workplace, exercise, nutrition and stress management.

Parking lot
Our employees can park their vehicles or bicycles on our premises free of charge. There are plenty of places available.
We offer our employees the opportunity to lease a high-quality bicycle or pedelec. The conditions are favourable because the monthly instalments are financed by deferred compensation. This saves taxes. The bike can be used both for commuting to work and for leisure. At the end of the three-year leasing period, the bike can be returned or taken over at its residual value.
Company pension plan
We support our employees in building up an additional pension plan in order to be able to close any pension gap that may arise in retirement. For all employees, we also offer a monthly allowance for capital-forming payments.
Flexible working hours

Space for personal commitments: As far as possible, our employees can decide for themselves when they start and finish work. Of course, this is done in consultation with the respective department and the other colleagues there.
Employees working in shifts, trainees, interns and holiday workers work fixed hours because of their dependence on other employees.

Discounts for employees

In the MAPAL Fanshop, our employees can purchase high-quality workwear, clothing for leisure time, practical items for everyday use and a constantly growing range of items for fans of the company.
They also get exclusive discounts on travel, fashion, technology and much more. The monthly changing offers can be viewed directly on the Intranet via an online platform or via the corresponding app.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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